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There are no arrivals lounges in the EK network. If you're having a long transit (but under 24 hours) and wanting to use a lounge before going to a hotel or into town or whatever, then you can use a departure lounge, go back through security when done and exit as if you'd just arrived, but it doesn't sound like this is the case.

At most outstations the chauffeur company will call the day before to confirm pick up. Someone with specific knowledge of JNB may be able to confirm if that's the case there.

You can usually take anyone you want in the car with you - they don't have to be flying anywhere.

The Ts and Cs indicate EK will treat you as a no show and you'll be on the hook for change fees etc. In practice I've known EK to be more lenient (and in F there's probably a better chance of this).
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