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first when i book the ticket and purposely choose a350 aircraft flight.I did online check-in 30 hours before the departure, the aircraft still a350.however, 3 hours before departure, i did drop my bag at hkg mtr station. the ground staff never informed me of aircraft changed.when i double check the status by apps 2 hours before the flight, only realize my the flight that i taking was aircraft changed. 5-star airline no courtesy to alert their premium passenger that the seat was hugely downgraded, from lie flatbed to angle seat. i was so disappointed aircraft change from lie flatbed to angle seat and ground staff refused to change me to next flight. feel so unfair. like u bought a business class downgraded to premium economy. understand airline have right to change aircraft due requirement, but cx have so many lie flatbed aircraft to be changed, but end up changed to an angle seat. feeling like u pay money not getting the right thing. how will you handle a situation like this?
What is there to "handle"?

You either fly, or don't and deal with the cancelation consequences if there are any. Are you looking for compensation?
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