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Thank you, aquamarinesteph. We are headed to wildlife lodges in British Columnia in September.

Originally Posted by aquamarinesteph View Post
I think you made a good call. When you have booked an expensive trip and know going into it that you have unpredictable health issues, you've done what you can to hedge your bets so that you should hopefully have a worry free vacation. (PS - did you ever say where you're headed? Not that it matters. I just love to live vicariously through others' travels while waiting on my next trip.)

Posting from a US based perspective, I always purchase some form of extra insurance depending on where I'm headed and how much the total cost of the trip will be. My medical insurance barely covers anything in the States, so purchasing additional health insurance for trips outside the country is a must. I also have Medjet, because it looks like the single most expensive factor of an accident or illness abroad would be the cost of returning home. You can always purchase a trip policy which includes repatriation costs. In fact, we did a land tour last year which required you to show that you had $200,000 of repatriation coverage.

But as far as affordable trip insurance here in the States - whether medical or trip interruption - is usually a guessing game. I've looked at the yearly policies which some companies offer, but I have yet to purchase one.

Anyway, I hope you and your other half have a wonderful trip!!
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