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Originally Posted by kaka View Post
If they can confirm short haul product on cx, i would fly them more often.
who cares about a flat bed when ure not gonna sleep.
Not what I care about, I just want to be clear. I rarely put the long-haul seat into bed mode regionally.

I care about
1.) privacy of my work (both hard papers and computer screen),
2.) direct aisle access, and
now that I've realized how great it is...
3.) WiFi.

I frequently run into competitors and peers on CX plane rides. Five months ago, I was randomly seated next to one of my largest competitors HND-HKG on 772Z. You have zero privacy in those 772Z seats.

CX PEY is essentially the same gig as regional J class for me: I lose #1 and #2 anyway with both PEY and regional J. I prefer regional PEY because at least it reclines and is comfy, instead of slides forward...all for a cheaper price. And if you have a window seat in PEY, you actually have more privacy working on your computer / papers than in regional J.

Another option for privacy is 333 and buy two economy seats. I've done this before on KA actually! It seems a little strange to me though that I find 2 KA Y seats better than a J seat. Doesn't say a whole lot about the CX/KA J class regional product.

Originally Posted by 1010101 View Post
The way i view it is regional flights get a regional product. If you get a long haul product thats an upgrade, not the other way around.

Sure, I hear what you guys are saying.

But the reality is, CX has a huge longhaul fleet and you *often* can closely predict your plane type. CX474/475, CX691, CX759, etc. usually have LH equipment. Which is what makes it frustrating when 35G doesn't appear and instad you have 772Z..

The 773/772Z aircraft are the worst IMO, since no seats have guaranteed aisle access. Either you crawl over someone or someone crawls over you. At least 33P has D and G which guarantee you aisle access.

CX's competitors, at least from what I can tell (SQ, JL and ANA at least) have predictable planes on the same routes.

It wouldn't be a problem if the tickets were priced differently. But nobody can argue honestly that 35G with WiFi and a private seat is equal in value to 772Z J class in the middle seat. If these things were being priced side by side on the same route, I guarantee you the latter would be significantly cheaper.

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