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I knew it! Next time, if you see me at a Formula One or IBIS styles please say hi. Iím usually wearing a some Nascar apparel and my Make America Great Again hat. I always order a burnt steak with extra ketchup and wash that down with Miller beer

Re insurance, I found it amusing when I recently bought a regional one way business class ticket for about $300 (here in Southeastern Asia). The airline was offering a $10 insurance policy that was slected by default - i.e. one has to look and then uncheck that box to opt out. Itís a total money grab. Why would I need to insure a cheap ticket that is refundable and changeable anyway? My guess is that many people just click through the booking steps and unwittingly purchase that insurance policy, out of which a large commission is paid to the airline.
Eurowings offers flexible option for a premium which is 2x the price of the ticket. Of course you can buy insurance too.... You must especially confirm that you renounce the valuable protection
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