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You nailed it! To be honest I prefer IBIS styles over HI Express - sounds so fancy. Or Formula 1 with shared bathroom! Dounds like fuel, fast cars and all the circus....

I agree health insurance is a must. Fortunately my insurance is vailed worldwide unlimited, additional my Amex offers unlimited coverage (not sure if simgle room etc but donít think will ever use it).

P.S. Price of journey is one factor but not the most important. If the journey is more expensive itís most likely the case with the insurance. Often itís a percentage calculation. So in the end the loss may be high on the first view but if you calculate it itís after 10 journeys or so the same cost risk relation. Additional one amount of money is not the same for different people.
I knew it! Next time, if you see me at a Formula One or IBIS styles please say hi. Iím usually wearing a some Nascar apparel and my Make America Great Again hat. I always order a burnt steak with extra ketchup and wash that down with Miller beer

Re insurance, I found it amusing when I recently bought a regional one way business class ticket for about $300 (here in Southeastern Asia). The airline was offering a $10 insurance policy that was slected by default - i.e. one has to look and then uncheck that box to opt out. Itís a total money grab. Why would I need to insure a cheap ticket that is refundable and changeable anyway? My guess is that many people just click through the booking steps and unwittingly purchase that insurance policy, out of which a large commission is paid to the airline.
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