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Originally Posted by broland View Post
I guess this might change when Fidelidade and Pass are joined together. It's a difficult company to efficiently handle customer issues and with the merger things tend do worsen.
Is there any kind of timeline for when this is meant to happen? As the motivation for my Match was that I'd moved to Brazil, and the only program advertised here was Fidelidade - I'd figured they would match me to that one. But alas, they only matched to Pass - in which a bunch of my upcoming flights on SAA aren't eligible to post, not to mention the Elite Dollar requirement that wouldn't have applied in Fidelidade.

I've asked them by e-mail to explain when the merger will take place, to see if it makes sense to post some flights to one program, and some flights to the other. No response yet (after a few weeks), so I suppose one won't ever come.

Has anything been published on this score?
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