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No Noise Canceling for Seat KIcking

Amazing how this crops up just when I was on a small, but near empty flight. Mom w 2 (on lap, that was not on lap) was told she could sit anywhere, so she chose across from me, just one row back., and let the older one cross over and proceed to mess with the back of my seat, then the young one came over and they sat in same seat and did more. I did look over at mom and ask if she thought I should move one seat forward if she was going to continue to let the kids keep moving my seat back. She acknowledged nothing, no excuse, no discussion with children. I didn't move. In about five minutes she moved the kids one row back, because 'she didn't like that seat'. This only worked because the flight wasn't full, but it doesn't negate that the parents need to be a parent even on the flight. Fact is, flying is an increasingly common method of travel for families, so when they come aboard with uncontrolled or sick children (not speaking of those that are undiagnosed), so the bad kids and parents will come with the good.
I am not a 'child' friendly person, and would not change a seat to allow a non-R to sit across the aisle from parent with no space, or ever change seats to let whole family sit together. I have a nickname for myself, but won't post it. I have a look that belies argument once I give my answer. Female does not equate to 'adoring of children', and it's clear from the get go. I have noticed that when non-parent child-friendly people pay attention to bad children, they often improve. I see the good in that, but I can't fake it. I thank those people for their help.
FYI: If you're not kid friendly. Don't ever address the child, this could be construed as criminal behavior. Don't threaten or cuss at parents, even if we want to. Yes, tell FA about the behavior. If FA offers to move you to equal or better seat (not a lesser seat), then move, though you will likely still hear the screaming, it won't be so close. If FA does nothing, tell the parents what is bothering you; though hard to believe, they may not be aware. Tell them the effect on you (can't sleep, eat, drink without spilling), ask if their isn't something more they could do. No need to listen to their troubles, since they probably won't be listening to you, either. Feel free to give unlimited scornful looks every time bad behavior continues, and record the noise, but not the faces.
Sigh. Best of luck to us.
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