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Originally Posted by hoopics View Post
The woman's child screamed for 10 hours. I promise you that she was the least happy passenger on that plane, BEFORE you got yourself (appropriately) reprimanded. This wasn't the unattended kid in the row behind you kicking your seat for the nth time after you let the inattentive parents know they were doing it. This wasn't the unattended kid in the seat across the aisle throwing stuff at you. This was (by your admission) an infant. Infants cry because they are hungry or in pain. For that child to do it for 10 hours, that meant it was in distress, and I promise Mom knew it. And was gutted by it. And you rewarded her with going out of your way to make her feel worse.

Hope asserting yourself made you feel better in the moment. Glad that your biggest concern is what's going to happen to your status.

completely untrue.

She has a responsibility to do everything in her power to quiet her child. If the child was screaming for 10 straight hours then she is a horrible mom. When my step kids would scream we would do anything to quiet them. Whatever it took. It was our responsibility to ensure our children were minimally disruptive to those around us.

The mother sounds like a self absorbed entitled baby herself.
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