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Originally Posted by FormerAmtrakTraveler View Post
When the parents are doing nothing and making zero attempt, yes, I completely agree.

But every kid is different. Some are low maintenance, and others are high maintenance. Sometimes even when parents come prepared with snacks, games, everything, the kid can still not cooperate. What's a parent to do if you have to go from point A to point B? It is an incredibly stressful situation for the parents and last thing they need is passengers yelling at them. I understand it's frustrating and even unfair to other pax, but best thing to do imho is to put on headphones (hopefully noise cancelling) and turn up the music or movie to block it out.
This. We have a now 3 yo. And do lots of traveling, starting when she was 3 months - much of it to see family who are all in different places, including India (the kids grandparents, to boot, and they can't travel that far anymore). Luckily, ours is pretty good on most flights, but she's had her moments. Including tantrums. Luckily, we haven't run into anyone like the OP on flights...most either completely ignore us (perfectly fine by me), or some that like to say hi at boarding, etc. Does it suck for others when there is a tantrum. yes (and I've been there before, too). However, I can assure you (OP, not the poster I've quoted above) the less than handful of times that ours had tantrums on flights, and despite trying our best, couldn't get her to calm down in a timely manner, that yes, we felt at least 10 times worse than anyone else near us on the plane.

Originally Posted by CALlegacy View Post
That could depend, but with babies starters are feed them, change their diapers, hold them, walk around with them, give them something to bite for teething, distract them with a toy, etc. There is in fact a lot a parent can do with a screaming baby and sometimes nothing that can be done. Babies scream for reasons such as being in pain, being hungry, being frightened, teething, etc. Ear infections, colic, etc. may not be fixable in the air. Ear pain from changing air pressure can be helped by feeding, nursing even better. Who knows? But some parents are either clueless or lazy and other times the parent is doing everything humanly possible and it doesn't work.
Yes, lots of reasons a baby can cry on a flight (let's be realistic: it's their only way to indicate anything). But I wouldn't assume the parents are clueless or lazy or weren't doing anything to try - OP didn't complain that the parents weren't trying to calm the baby, but just the baby was crying. There's a difference, as you mention. I also somewhat suspect the OP was exaggerating that the baby was crying the "entirety" of a 10-hour flight, but that it happened a few times to seem like it.
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