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Originally Posted by CALlegacy View Post
That could depend, but with babies starters are feed them, change their diapers, hold them, walk around with them, distract them with a toy, etc. There is in fact a lot a parent can do with a screaming baby and sometimes nothing that can be done. Babies scream for reasons such as being in pain, being hungry, being frightened, etc. Ear infections, colic, etc. may not be fixable in the air. Ear pain from changing air pressure can be helped by feeding, nursing even better. Who knows? But some parents are either clueless or lazy and other times the parent is doing everything humanly possible and it doesn't work.
My daughter screamed so bad as an infant on her first airplane ride that I literally handed my credit card to the Purser and said drinks were on me for the entire airplane. I felt horrible that there was nothing my wife and I could do to calm her down. Long story short, she calmed down early in the flight (and it turns out she had a severe problem with her ears that required surgery). Purser was pretty cool about it, and while a few accepted my offer of free drinks, the Purser insisted that UA would cover it and gave me my credit card back.

Edit: my wife is looking over my shoulder and reminded me I gave out cash to the FA to cover drinks, $100 to be exact. I'm tired and travel too much, like the OP.

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