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Originally Posted by freshairborne View Post

Safety is always at the top of the stack. Iím in the pointy end, and if itís not safe, Iím not going to fly it. But I kid around with my passengers on the PA sometimes and get a few compliments for it. If youíre a Denverite, youíve probably heard one or two.

You're the type of pilot that makes it fun to fly...really wish there were more of you. On a hub-to-hub flight last week-ish we had some great ones:

"I'm not even going to venture a guess as to our arrival time until we're off the gate and the nose is pointing toward our destination... shouldn't be more than 10 or 15 minutes...."

About 30 minutes later

"Weelllllllllllll foliks. Let's face it. I'm a captain and I lie. We'll not so much lied but misstated some facts...anyway we're of the gate and in the system so ATC knows about us now buttttt we're still going to sit here for a while. Once we're airborne it should go pretty quick unless ATC decides tonight is a fine night for an aerial tour of Hershey, Pennsylvania"

Meanwhile while we were sitting on the gate there was a maintenance guy juggling (not literally) like 6 oxygen bottles and I couldn't figure out what the heck he was accomplishing -- he'd put one in a padded box, move the box open a different one, take that bottle out open put it in a different (but visually identical) box and repeat until just before the parking break was released.
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