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@Annalisa12 - Thank you so much! The Siam was incredible! I know it gets a lot of flak here due to its location, but I personally think it's exceptional.
@BRITINJAPAN3 - Thanks for the feedback. Again, it's my opinion, but it is in my capacity as a Japanophile and frequent visitor to Japan. The fact that I have never been to Tsukiji shouldn't have any bearing on my opinion that it's not worth the effort to visit. I've never been to the JELL-O Museum in New York, but I wouldn't recommend going either. I'm curious what exactly people have loved at the market? If it's the food, there is better elsewhere. Is it seeing dead fish? Go to Sea World (Blackfish joke). Is it seeing an auction? Ebay can sate your itch. I think if you are living in Tokyo and have seen all there is to do, then sure maybe go to the market. But, if you're a tourist, there are much better things to do with your limited time. My point, although it was sarcastic, is that I believe the only reason people go to the market is because at some point it became an IT thing to do. People go only because they are told to go. And, if that's the sole basis for people going, I just find it pointless. It would be as if I started a trend for foreigners visiting NYC to get up early and visit the Gowanus Canal and watch EPA workers cleaning it. Again, if your a tourist who for whatever reason desire to see the market, by all means go. You are correct that it is permanently moving, so this will be your last chance (although again this furthers my point that this is a thing to do solely because it's an IT thing to do). But, if you are on the fence and contemplating a 5 am tour through a fish factory, maybe think twice.
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