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Originally Posted by ohbahsan
i stayed here on a PL rate a couple days ago. first the front desk couldn't find the reservation, then after 15 minutes of waiting around another clerk finally found the pre-printed packet with the keys which they didn't bother to check in the first place. the clerk went to get the packet, but as he was handing the breakfast coupon to me, he noticed i was on the PL rate and said i shouldn't have gotten it. he went inside to check with the manager and then came out to said that i wasn't entitled to the diamond benefits i didn't bother arguing as i wasn't going to use the coupons anyways.

i was given a smoking room which i didn't notice because i have a very bad nose but when my wife called a couple hours later to switch rooms was told that there were no more rooms available. the smell wasn't too bad though, my wife has asthma and she wasn't bothered by it after we turned on the A/C full blast.

the room is ok, the carpet is worn, the bathtub is small and the showerhead is installed off-center, a very unusual placement if you ask me.

FYI, the pool is closed until july 9th while undergoing renovations. the gym was closed when i was there ($13.80/day to access the YMCA two blocks away) and high-speed internet access was broken too.

all-in-all not a pleasant stay.

Well, Obahsan, I will give you an update and fill the rest of the readership in on this matter.

Since my private e-mail to you discussing my outrage over your treatment, not only because you were a Diamond guest at the Hyatt Montreal, as well as a valued member of this community, I sent off a number of e-mails to various individuals who might assist in this matter, as I, too, have an upcoming stay at this property, and I am not going to put up with such crappy treatment.

Approx. 23 hours ago, I sent both Julia, as well as the hotel's sales manager an e-mail discussing your misadventures and how I did not want a repeat of same for my own upcoming stay at that property, especially since my wife also is an asthmatic, but I am not leaving anything to chance -- especially since they have been given fair notice by me as my stay is not for another 3 weeks.

I also sent an e-mail to both Hyatt Customer Service, as well as a manager who knows the manager of the Hyatt Montreal (whose e-mail I do not have) essentially a copy of my preceding e-mail to Julia, et. al., asking that I receive a call from the hotel in regards to my complaint.

To date, the only thing that I have received is the standard e-mail acknowledgement by Hyatt Customer Service that my e-mail to them had been received, nothing more.

I would have thought by now that I would have heard something from somebody, but that is not the case, and hence, my decision to go public with this imbroglio. I am surprised that I have not heard from someone as yet, and this episode -- your treatment and the non-responsiveness of those who are aware of my concerns relative to my upcoming stay -- is fast diminishing the high regard that I heretofore had with respect to the Hyatt Gold Passport program.

I will keep you all posted as to a resolution -- if any -- as to my issues.