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Originally Posted by Miles Ahead View Post
I don't quite understand the complaint. 1K status is rare, and it takes lots of flying. Especially on segments.
Not a complaint per say, as I understand this is just how it is. It's more an observation. While it may be short flights I have to think that flying 40+ weeks a year is still considered "lots of flying". I've had years where 2-3 trips to APAC in business have netted more status than flying 40 weeks a year on UAX!

Originally Posted by CCIE_Flyer View Post
Does high status really translate into all that much value when you're flying regionally almost exclusively? Sure, you get a few extra RDMs, and even a few freebies all the way up at 1K. But otherwise you're just strapping yourself into a seat for a short while for A->B transport. Don't get me wrong - it's miserable, to be sure. But high status doesn't offer a lot in the way of regional relief in my experience...

Group 1 boarding (RJ overhead bins fill up very fast), E+ seats at booking and the assistance when things for wrong (UAX flights get canceled/delayed far more often in my experience). Additionally, I make several personal trips each year to the West Coast and Europe. When I've schlepping myself on/off RJ145s every week the last thing I want to do on a personal flight is sit in the back

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Segment guys have always been the red headed step child, and I should know, as I've been one for many years.
Great analogy, thanks for the laugh!
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