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Dear Lurkers,
I have a specific question regarding the Special SEN Waitlist Request.

This spring I'm off to Japan with my family and would like to book our return trip in I on LH715/07APR (or 06APR). If I look at the availability of the flight I see D7 (or D9):


** AMADEUS AVAILABILITY - AN ** MUC MUNICH.DE                 88 SA 07APR 0000
 1   LH 715  J9 C9 D7 Z2 G9 E9 NL /HND I MUC 2  1235    1740  E0/346      12:05
             Y9 B9 M9 U9 H9 Q2 VL WL SL



** AMADEUS AVAILABILITY - AN ** MUC MUNICH.DE                 87 FR 06APR 0000  
 1   LH 715  J9 C9 D9 ZL G9 E8 NL /HND I MUC 2  1235    1740  E0/346      12:05 
             Y9 B9 M9 U9 H9 Q7 VL WL SL
So I called the SEN line on December 9 and asked to be booked into this flight using the special SEN WL request that releases I awards if D is available as long as the SEN is the sponsor. The bot behind the queue immediately rejected the request. The very helpful agent (it sounded like BERXR so it was probably one of you ) looked at the booking forecast and was puzzled why the system did not accept the request. He put me on hold asked a colleague for help who advised him for me to call in a few weeks as this request should normally clear. He also advised us of the SEN Premium Award and said that looked like it would clear immediately. I balked at the 150% premium and said I would call again.

So I called yesterday and again got a very helpful agent who tried again, and no joy. She also tried the FRA flight (D9 on both days op by a 74H), no joy either. She went thru a number of options with me and I can come back via ICN or PEK, but that would involve me spending to get about 1800 for the four of us to get there from TYO.

Can you look into the matter and let me know why these routes are being rejected? Is HND-MUC/FRA blacklisted for the SEN spl WL?

Regards Oliver
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