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Originally Posted by dddc View Post
Cathay serve them in Y and Y+. I've had them out to Oz and back. Out of Heathrow or Honkers it's been a Haagen Daz tub. Out of Oz it's been Weis ice cream bars a fruit ice and ice cream bar. Both normally come super frozen and I wish they would dish them out with the meal so they'd have time to warm up a bit. Quite often I've had the meal tray taken away to be left with the tub, chipping away with the tiny spoon. On a couple of occasions there's been left over tubs and they've left them with galley snacks (yes, CX has galley snax for Y pax on the longer routes - fruits, crisps, crackers, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and you a can order a hot noodle snack if you are really hungry).
i did AA in Y once and they basically have the club kitchen offering to snack on during the night.
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