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Carl Johnson
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Originally Posted by gfunkdave View Post
I was wondering if anyone could point me to a guide of the various feed types available on For example, for ORD there are
  • Approach feeds for each runway (this is for aircraft not yet cleared to land but being vectored into a landing pattern?)
  • Departure (what are the various feeds for?)
  • Ground (is this for getting aircraft from the gate to a taxiway?)
  • Tower (is this for taxiing aircraft and giving takeoff/landing permission?)
  • ZAU Chicago Center (is this for aircraft cruising over Chicago?)
Do I have that right?
If you want to be a confident and proficient listener, I suggest finding a general aviation book or website that includes a discussion of ATC and other communications and looking over it, and then watching some youtubes of ATC communications. It won't take much of that before you really understand who the various parties are and what's going on.
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