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Originally Posted by coolmuke View Post
Thank you all for your input. I have changed my plan and now planning to visit only venice and rome.
Fly IAD-JFK-Milan.
Day1 - Arrive Milan 8AM, Train to Venice
Day2 - Venice
Day3 - AM train to Rome
Day4 - Rome
Day5 - Depart 10 PM Flight Milan-AUH-BOM
Still too much. You are basically doing a brief layover in Italy for three days. How can you squeeze in both Venice and Rome? Out of those three days you'll be spending about 11 hours on trains. If you add up traveling to train stations, waiting for trains, you'll be doing more train stuff than seeing Italy. You are on a very, very brief trip to Italy. Why don't you just pick one place you want to see, either Venice or Rome, and go there? Rushing from city to city doesn't allow you to get to see anything. You will just be packing, unpacking, going to and from train stations, while dragging two unhappy children around. You will never get to relax. There is a saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day." The same with Venice. Neither can be seen in a day or two. I would suggest that you choose one or the other, and it least get to skim the surface of it, rather than rushing around from monument to monument.
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