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Wrong name order on flight booking

I booked some tickets with EVA Air a few hours ago (London-Taipei return via Bangkok), and somehow (sleep deprivation) I entered my surname and my first name the wrong way around, and didn't notice until after I'd paid. I called the ticket office*, and they said they added a note to the booking saying that the names are reversed - but the agent also said that I can also swap my name if I want, for a $50 fee.

My question is, is the $50 change necessary, or will the note on the booking suffice? Will I encounter any problems at check-in / immigration?
The spelling is completely correct, it's just the order that's wrong. I have a quite rare name as well so I doubt they'll try to make the case that it's somebody else trying to use the ticket...

Thank you so much in advance!

* - the UK ticket office is closed on weekends, so I called the US one instead. They did say to double check with the UK one, but I don't see the UK being stricter on this than the US, there aren't even any passport exit checks here.
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