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AA Executive Platinum Check-In @ LAX

[Disclaimer: I realize that I am probably late to the party here, and apologize if a thread already exists for this topic.]

I have been living abroad for quite some time and have maintained Executive Platinum status for several years in a row. I recently returned to the U.S. for a holiday and was astonished to discover that AA has morphed all elites into a single "Priority" queue. Whereas I would formerly have had perhaps 2-4 people ahead of me to check in at LAX, there is now a horde of what are presumably any number of Rubys, not to mention whomever decided to purchase Priority boarding that day. What used to take me under 10 minutes with two checked bags now takes well over half an hour. (It didn't help that the ticketing agents all seemed almost willfully slow, as if taking delight in some sort of passive aggressive cosmic revenge.)

From a commercial perspective, and after years of loyal EXP status with AA, I find this transformation absolutely staggering. Who thought that consolidating all of the "priority customers" was a good idea? And why? Can anyone provide some insight? Why does AA value all premium customers equally when from a revenue perspective we are clearly nothing alike? And why would they implement this when nearly all of their foreign counterparts maintain separate check-in counters?

What I saw and experienced during my check-in was not greater efficiency or productivity, and whatever marginal increase to utility that was not plainly apparent couldn't possibly be worthy of anything remotely close to the value erosion that the new process now delivers. I can only assume that this is part of some broader industry trend that "Discount" Doug Parker has decided to follow, or perhaps something that he and his cohorts practiced at USAirways. I'm very glad that AA is now profitable, but I am discouraged that AA senior management perceives it as necessary to squeeze out every red penny through the never ceasing dilution of core value to high-paying, loyal, premium customers.
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