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Originally Posted by navatwal View Post
Surely it is the root cause that counts right? I would hate to think that BA get away with this due to a technicality. - Can I still claim?
It is the root cause that matters, however it - and other non extraordinary circumstances - needs to take you over 3 hours, and from what BA have said this isn't the case. If ATC did indeed cause a substantial delay, BA are entitled to disregard that element. Moreover it will be difficult to establish this as a passenger. Having said that, and presuming the problem was at the LHR end, you should know the extent of the ATC problem in terms of when the aircraft was in a potential position to take off - after fixing the faults - and the actual time of take off. The captain would normally say something. If that is not your recollection then you can push harder, but if BA have evidence to support their position I doubt it will be an easy case. I know hindsight is marvellous but it is always worth making notes of timings and any announcements from the flight deck in these sorts of cases.
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