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Originally Posted by Brandonjt View Post
I'm not familiar with actual chances, but I'll give you the research and what little I know of it.
1/17 is a Wednesday, so it shouldn't be all that busy with business travelers who tend to clump at the beginning and end of weekdays.
ALB-CLT 8:00AM J4 D3 I2 Y7 with 4 of 12 seats still open on seating chart
CLT-DFW 11:45AM J7 D7 I4 Y7 with 8 of 16 seats still open on seating chart
DFW-GJT 2:40PM J7 D7 I7 Y7 with 11 of 12 seats still open on seating chart
From other posts I've read on here, I is one of most important indicators, because those are how many seats they are actively TRYING to sell.
Only 4 seats left on the first flight so I'd have a hard time chiming in there. Uneducated guess is that your CLT-DFW looks best. DFW is a hard upgrade because it's so busy but lots of open seats and I7.
Thanks! (I'm really hoping for the last leg because it's a CRJ--LOL)

But we'll see what happens. There are truly worse things in life than flying in coach, even on a 2.5 hour or thereabout CRJ ride (ugh). A few drinks and I could probably sleep. haha
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