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Originally Posted by hinsopa View Post
I also do not think a special forum is warranted here. I am 65 and have some health problems and difficulty with travel,etc. (I tried the disability forum here). I did find one blog that has helped me. Iíll just ask my questions on the various forums here. I plan to travel to London and am very excited. I was just feeling a bit confused as to where to start. This site has been an incredible resource for me during past travels. Thanks for your responses.
But do your health problems really have to do with age? Ie, far from everyone at age 65 has health problems that impact travel, and even fewer probably have your specific health problems. And someone young can have health or disability problems with travel too!

So IMHO you'd do better to focus on your specific health problems that impact travel and not on travel by seniors in general, because those are two completely separate things.
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