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Originally Posted by sdsearch View Post
What's special about over 60 specifically?

AARP full membership is available to those 50 and over, and there's a type of AARP membership that's available to even younger.

Most hotels that have senior rates (when not tied to AARP), those don't kick in until you're 62, not 60.

The USA National Parks (and more) lifetime pass for seniors isn't available until you're 62, not 60.

Airlines have generally gotten rid of senior fares AFAIK. (That's the answer I always seem to see when someone occasionally asks in some airline forum about senior fares.)

And what exactly are you looking for, discounts, or other stuff? (There's nothing else I can think of besides discounts that suddenly changes about travel when you hit 50 or 62 or whatever, at least for independent -- not group -- travelers.)
At 60, or some other age that feels appropriate to you, you cross over to "young-old." I helped edit somebody's research write-ups, she observed older people in the hospital, and she drew a distinction between "young-old" and "old-old." 60, or some other age representing "young-old" is, as you say, not distinctive. Your physical limitations, whatever they are, are basically the same as before. "Old-old" is different; it starts when you begin to lose capabilities. I want young-old to last as long as possible and old-old to never occur, and that does happen with some people.

I think travel for 60-70 is maybe something to break out as part of a discussion group for older people; here it would just be confusing.
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