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How long is it fair to let BA go without responding to a claim? I see from the superb wiki in this thread that anything from 6 days and up to several weeks may be expected.

But, apart from an auto-email confirming (with a case number attached), I've not heard from BA in what is now close to a month now.

Short story: during the snow fall in early December, my flight LHR-OSL was cancelled, along with all BA flights on the same route the next day. BA gave no option but to travel 2 days after the original departure date via an obscure routing (LHR-BLL-OSL) which would take most of the day if flown. No other airlines were available until that same day (again, 2 days after the intended flight date), but I managed to get home with Norwegian direct and arriving earlier than with BA's alternative route and prolonged transfer wait-time in BLL.

In other words, I chose to abandon the BA flight and I do not expect them to cover the cost of alternate tickets. However, I did incurr costs with 2 nights extra hotel accomadation + transportation and meals. These costs would have been the same had I chosen to accept on BA's alternative route. I did not cancel the BA ticket (although they seemed to want me to in their email about the cancellation), but neither did I confirm accepting the alternate route.

1) Am I right in thinking that I am due a compensation from BA to cover those extra costs?
2) How long should I wait for BA to reply to my claim (I've tried chasing them up via email, but they do not reply)

Thanks for your help!
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