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Originally Posted by PETER01 View Post
Who gets to sit in 1A the front though. Status, who's been on FT the longest, who you like the most? How will you decide?

Change of plan re my travel plans and I am now coming to the Do so count me in as I have booked my flight.
Excellent news that you are able to join in PETER01 ^ , I look forward to catching up as it's been a while!

Re: seat allocation...Well, I could start a new thread on 'which are the best seats' but maybe the following will suffice;

-5 seats available. 2 rows. IFE available with moving map.

-Seat 1F is actually the crew galley so is unavailable. People may be disturbed by the crew noise if sat in 1A.

-both rows have reclining seats. All seats are new design and have both window and aisle exit. All rows have individual climate controls and crew can alter the led lighting to suit the mood and time of day.

-legroom in row 2 is compromised slightly compared to row 1. Similar to the 787 pax are protected from the sun by window tinting.

-Seat 1A is potentially less desirable if pax is sat in 2A as 2A can adjust seat 1A remotely to provide more space for 2A!

-The CE cabin in row 2 is convertible and can become an ET cabin upon conversion.

-Seat 2B is not recommended as there is very little leg room and reduced width seat. If seat 2B is occupied, the controls for adjusting seats 2A and 2C are no longer available and seat trays as well as cup holders are also removed. There is no climate control for seat 2B.

-Seat 2C is a good seat.

-Seatbelts must be on, tray tables up, armrests down and there is a 'take off and landing default position button for seats in row 2 (to aid in emergency situations).

-just like the 787, crew are able to disable the controls in row 2 should this be necessary or if pax start DYKWIA behaviour.

If that all seems like too much to help pax decide where to sit, I'll default to whoever yells 'shotgun' first upon pulling up to the gate.

Crew are authorised to assist with pax baggage, however, strict carry on limitations apply and crew will gate check baggage to the hold.

Due to operational reasons there will be a very limited cabin service during the trip, As the airline has decided to increase seating capacity, there are no WC's so regular stops will be planned to facilitate pax.

Happy to pick you up PETER01, as well as carry your checked baggage.

Anyone else wish to join in and check out this new museum and walk around Concorde? We're now up to 18 people attending. ^

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