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Excellent, great to have you join us wb1969, KARFA and nick.t.davies. ^^ We're now 15 in total, anyone else wish to join in? Open to all.

Sorry to hear you can't make it nufnuf77 maybe another time, safe travels wherever you happen to be on that day!

Squawk, I'll look into the bus situation and get back to you. It does remind me that I forgot to mention both myself and thundercat are happy to pick up a few people and take them to the museum and back again afterwards in our cars. (we can each take 3 easily, maybe 4 in a pinch). Potentially anyone else driving here may be also be willing to help out so that together we can ferry everyone in cars without the need to have some use public transport. (unless they wish to of course!). Parking is free and there is plenty of space at Aerospace Bristol, so that is not an issue at least.

I've started looking at potential food venues for the Saturday night and will come back about that soon as well. Both would be within walking distance from the city centre hotels.

Just over 7 weeks until the DO...looking forward to a great day at the museum and later meeting and talking to new and familiar people for drinks and a meal.

The DoubleTree is a good hotel and popular it seems but if anyone else would like to join in, there are other hotels within a 5 minute walk from the DoubleTree so don't feel you have to stay there to join in!

Updates to follow soon, please do spread the word and hopefully we'll get the 20 people we need for a guided tour. If we don't nearer the time, I'll talk to the museum and see if I can arrange anything even for a smaller group.

Safe travels.

EDIT: I should add I've updated the wiki and put you in alphabetical order to satisfy my CDO (whoever designated OCD obviously didn't have it )

Joking aside: if anyone is arriving by the airport, I may be able to pick you up if you wished, depending on timings, so do PM me if that is of interest. Anyone arriving by train likely can easily walk to the city centre hotels from Temple Meads. If anyone arrives by other means (Coach, etc...) do also PM me and I may be able to give you a lift if needed.

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