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Originally Posted by amtrakusa View Post
look, before you say something you better know the fact. i can tell you E+ goes down from 57 to 54, a reduction of 3 only, if you know how to count.
The configuration above looks a lot like 48 E+ seats max, and more likely 46, since UA does not count the A/F seats adjacent to 3L/R as E+ because the slide pack cuts into about 1/3 of the leg space in those seats. It's unclear whether that will carry over to the new configuration but I don't doubt it. Currently, the 753 has 55 saleable E+ seats, and so the irony of your rather snarky statement is not lost on me.

Second, my point is that the desirability of many of those remaining E+ seats is questionable at best. The likelihood is that as many as 12 of those E+ seats are non-reclining. If so, then the reduction is actually 57 to 52, with 6 more non-reclining seats than current. One unfavorable aspect of the 757-300 is long board/deplane times, so having a larger E+ section at the front of the cabin mitigates this issue. Now, more E+ seat are farther back. Again, less desirable.

So yes, I can count, and IMV this configuration is a notable, but unsurprising, cut. If I'm wrong and there's an extra E+ row in the mix forward of the overwing exits, that would be a good thing.

Originally Posted by jsloan View Post
Almost certainly neither, although of the two options presented, I think the latter is more likely. The only way they could add space would be to switch to redesigned bins ó itís not like there are seats today with no bins above them. I canít find evidence that the Space Bin retrofit is even available for the 757, and if it were, Iím not convinced UA would pay for it. These are planes that UA wanted to retire as recently as a year ago. Theyíll simply check more bags at the gate.
UA was only planning to retire the 15 p.s. 757s, which have different engines and, until recently, were not planned for the nitrogen fuel tank inerting mod. The 753s were always part of the long-term fleet plan.

Zodiac (formerly Heath Tecna) has a pivot bin mod for the 757, but I don't believe it's available for the -300... or at least none of the handful of 753 operators have taken delivery of it.

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