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Originally Posted by Bingowilly View Post
Hi - a couple of real newbie questions which I hope are not too annoying.

I have a J flight to Brisbane from London coming up. The majority of flights are on a 380 but the second flight from Dubai is in a 777LR. Does this mean it will be the old style angled seats? Are they OK as I definitely wat to get some sleep on that flight?

A car is coming to collect me, but itís about 70 miles to Gatwick - I assume I have to pay and Ďexcessí? Do I pay the driver?
Hi Bingowilly, welcome to FlyerTalk and especially the friendly EK forum!

To answer your questions: The J seats on the B77W are (with exception of the very latest airframes) slightly angled. I personally find them quite comfortable to sleep in as the angle is not sufficient to make you slide down. The A380 seats are fully flat.

As far as the chauffeur drive is concerned: will you be collected from a Greater London postcode? In that case the distance is unimportant as all those postcodes are included. If I remember correctly, the mileage limit outside those postcodes is a 70 mile radius. If you go over, you can pay the driver (cash or card I believe). I have never had that situation so I donít know the rate but it should be in the relevant section on the EK website. Also, the chauffeur drive company will most likely call you about 24 hours before your pickup to confirm the details and you can ask them at that time.

Enjoy the EK J experience!

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