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Originally Posted by LordBuckethead View Post
Simplify = yes.
Worth the cost? Probably not.

EI is the best example. The inter-relations needed between airline systems to allow an alliance to work are large and complex, so when they left oneworld they shut it all down and went 'pseudo-Ryanair-style' for a semi-standalone system. Now they're in IAG, they're having to work through a mountain of issues to build the systems required to do it again, and it's such a headache that they're seriously considering stopping... or they would, if it weren't a pre-requisite for joining the JB.

Fast-forward to VY... is it worth all this, just to give a few DYKWIAs access to a lounge? I don't work for them or have the numbers... but given their relative average fare and the market in which they're competing, I very much doubt it.
I will say it pretty much means I have zero incentive to fly VY or EI unless they are the only option. Not so much a DYKWIA as a preference to maintain status and get the benefits from that status.

Originally Posted by Calchas View Post
You are the second person to say that ... but I have not been able to find any evidence for this pre-requisite. I am genuinely interested but there is only so many hours an employed man can spend in DoJ documents without causing his colleagues a good deal of concern.

Everyone accepts VS as a member of the (formerly) Sky Team JV without it being a member of any alliance. What is the difference with EI?
I believe VS was allowed to join because they are 49% owned by DL anyway. I would be surprised if EI had to join OW, unless that was a requirement of their JBA rather than a government requirement. VS passengers get reciprocal benefits, so EI would. We'd to do at least that I think before AA would welcome them into the JBA.
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