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Originally Posted by dylanks View Post
I know that there is a cost associated with having an airline be part of OneWorld and providing these benefits, but they have the same parent company. Wouldn't it greatly simplify things overall for IAG if BA, IB, EI, VY, and Level were treated the same from the perspective of OneWorld benefits, tier points, shorthaul business class cabin, and lounge access?
Simplify = yes.
Worth the cost? Probably not.

EI is the best example. The inter-relations needed between airline systems to allow an alliance to work are large and complex, so when they left oneworld they shut it all down and went 'pseudo-Ryanair-style' for a semi-standalone system. Now they're in IAG, they're having to work through a mountain of issues to build the systems required to do it again, and it's such a headache that they're seriously considering stopping... or they would, if it weren't a pre-requisite for joining the JB.

Fast-forward to VY... is it worth all this, just to give a few DYKWIAs access to a lounge? I don't work for them or have the numbers... but given their relative average fare and the market in which they're competing, I very much doubt it.
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