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Originally Posted by LatusElAl
NOW, they are making your tier status nearly irrelevant since the class of your ticket is the new #1 criteria. This means that El Al's management, in its great wisdom, is going to sooner reward the guy generating the most revenue on a particular flight instead of the guy who generates the most revenue over the course of, say, a whole year. So, a pax who flies coach NYC-TLV 3-4 times a year, generating maybe $5k in revenue annually, can have a beter chance at an upgrade than the guy who flies 30 times a year and generates $35k-$40k in revenue for El Al.
This is the way to whole industry is going - towards revenue based rewards, not number of flights/segments/miles/points. CO, LYs biggest competitor on it's highest revenue route (NYC-TLV) is charging $$$ for upgrading from most fares excluding the 2 higher ones ($1200 roundtrip and up) - the charge starts from $200 one way in addition to the miles.
LY's program is one of the best in to world in the ratio of number of flights you need for getting a reward ticket. The major downside was the 1 year limit on point accumulation and now it will be 3 years.
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