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Secret Santa 2017 from Beautifuleva


Juniper bonsai from joshua362

Apologies for any crazy typos - I’m writing this on my phone, and the mobile website doesn’t behave some of the time.

My gifts from Beautifuleva, from left to right: Star Wars stormtrooper container filled with little candies, landmarks of the world coloring book (the title was cut off accidentally), Star Wars coloring book, a blank journal for my travels, a small plant kit (you put the “tongue” in the dish of water to create capillary action from the water dish to planting material), a cute fridge magnet, and a tin of stickers printed with vintage maps.

joshua362 was very generous and sent a juniper bonsai. I’m excited to have it out on the porch once it gets warmer, but it will live in the storage closet out there until then (as per the accompanying instructions.) I think it will be a nice addition to my little gardenia bush.

Thanks so much to both of you! I really appreciate it.
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