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With regards to point 2 - if this was booked over the telephone (which appears to be the case), then it would have needed to be explained that IHG T&Cs are a refund of the points and instead a Credit Card charge will be made for a no-show. A website can just show the T&Cs which would instead need explaining over the phone. OP can claim it was mis-sold (depending on what was said, I can only speculate) and they, IHG, should listen to the call again.

EDIT: Unless you're willing to argue a CC chargeback (and then potentially risk IHG Rewards Suspension), convincing IHG will be hard work, I'd just like to think you do have a small chance, rather than no chance
thanks! I hope Iíve got a chance.

​​​​​​​yeah I always think I have a good chance.
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