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Originally Posted by scubaccr View Post
It is extremely well known Flex and award nights on premium dates often come with less flexible than normal cancelation terms. You can never simply assume award/flex are cancel always upto 24hours before checkin, especially Xmas, New Year, Chines New Year, Easter periods.
On a Flex-rate cash booking the IC would no doubt have charged cost of first night at booking time against guest cancel/noshow, with award night the IC won't charge as then refunding at checkin/departure is a bit of a pain.

1. You seemingly admit you booked a non-cancel 2night stay, where penalty is 1nights cost. Looks like you would rather get 60k of 120k points back, versus 120k refund and $$$ CC charge for the first night.
2. Unfortunately with award nights in this circumstance, similar to a noshow on a 2nighter/multinight award booking, IHG t+c's are that hotel refunds the points (120k for your 2nights) and charges the BAR for your first night to your CC provided at time you booked your stay.
3. Do not attempt CC chargeback, your CC provider will take a dim view of trying to avoid a legit hotel fee, and the hotel can in any case defend the charging of 1nights room cost
With regards to point 2 - if this was booked over the telephone (which appears to be the case), then it would have needed to be explained that IHG T&Cs are a refund of the points and instead a Credit Card charge will be made for a no-show. A website can just show the T&Cs which would instead need explaining over the phone. OP can claim it was mis-sold (depending on what was said, I can only speculate) and they, IHG, should listen to the call again.

EDIT: Unless you're willing to argue a CC chargeback (and then potentially risk IHG Rewards Suspension), convincing IHG will be hard work, I'd just like to think you do have a small chance, rather than no chance

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