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Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post
The terms that you have posted indicates that it is a restricted booking which has no free cancellation that was made

If you cancel, then you are liable for the cancellation penalty

Not always - it is possible to have points bookings which are inflexible

What it is stating is that there is no cancellation allowed and if you cancel/fail to show, then there will be a penalty ; this is no different to any other points reservation cancelled after latest cancellation time

being the christmas/new year period, it is not that surprising that a hotel may have stringent cancellation penalty - if on the original booking confirmation, then it is something that was agreed to
I think the issue is that there is two different paragrpahs of T/C one on the email and one on the reservation details. The reservation agent over the phone never told me about the T/C of cancellation policy when I made the reservation. So I will make an attempt to cancel once more with the hotel (10 days notice should suffice) and if they don't change their mind - I'll do a chargeback. No card present and not telling me about the cancellation policy should make it an easy dispute.
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