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Originally Posted by username View Post
Another word, they are in trouble?

Hopefully they don't get/convert more 77Ws that are 10-across if they can't fill the seats already.
Well, filling extra 77Ws on routes is different than adding a seat into a row. You are only adding about ~30 seats to a daily flight (~210 seats) which allows you to sell more cheap seats in comparison to adding 330+ seats per extra flight operated. Plus one doesn't usually add just a flight, it's at least 3-4 weekly. That's totally different operations (extra ground staff, additional catering etc.) and sales (more pax at different targeting hours) needing to be met.

Compare to the ambitions that K had when he was operating EVA, what the current management did was to replace existing aircrafts with the new ones. However, the amount of 77W fleet EVA owns is still quite some, so new routes and/or frequencies to existing destinations are to be expected. I mean when EVA slashes JFK to 10 weekly and SEA back to daily, the added capacity had to go somewhere. As of now it's going to SFO and next year to VIE, so we will see how they do clashing against CI on both routes. The YYZ damage did not even cost their operations to change, so one can see how flexible the current EVA fleet offers. They are still able to add more flights.

Cargo is doing quite well. The fun part is, couple years ago EVA almost dropped cargo to just belly loads.

I think the 787-9s are good additions to the EVA fleet, just not enough. I am unsure what the 787-10 is there for, though. The range it has cannot operate most NA routes (except SEA, YVR) so not all the 77Ws can be replaced. It may help on some of the European routes (AMS), but not sure if EVA needs 20 for just these flights. Yes, the 787-10 can be used on Oceania and regional as well to replace the 333 (which is still quite young for EVA in terms of usage), but that will also clash into 321 operations (which will hurt cause the mainland China operations are not doing so well and that's where majorities of the 321 were originally intended to operate). The 787s will not affect EVA until they arrive and is in operation, so we will see how EVA makes it work.

This year is a pretty good year for most airlines (as long as you don't fuel hedge the wrong way). EVA has finally passed CAL in the Pax revenue department, though the yield (not as important) is not very good. We will see how it goes. The revenue department is closing in to 2012 level in terms of percentage and now both have comparable figures.

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