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Reminder to anyone booking, not sure if it's common knowledge: don't forget your original credit card you used with booking when you take your flight! My Chase Sapphire Reserve was used for fraudulent charges 2 days before I left for Amman on RJ over this Thanksgiving, and so they overnighted me a replacement. I didn't bring the original with me. Turns out, RJ agents cannot "open" the ticket to check you in without your original credit card. One supervisor politely told us we'd have to book another ticket, with no sympathy for the dramatic cost increase there would be in booking one last minute (he finally relented by "taking on the risk himself" after almost an hour and my girlfriend feigning tears). Then, when checking in for our flight back to JFK from AMM, it took over 2 hours for them to get someone on the phone who was willing to override and open the ticket, and we almost missed our flight.

All that said: even flying in Y with RJ was a solidly pleasant experience. Outside of the credit card issue, we had great flights, and even their Y longhaul product is solid with great service.

Edit: one more things on these. It seems that it's very unlikely your flights on RJ will credit automatically to AA. Only two of my four segments did, and zero of my girlfriend's did. AA requires you to fax a copy of your ticket receipt plus your boarding passes(!) to request credit. So don't forget to keep your boarding pass stub.
If you selected PayPal as form of payment , you are NOT requested to present your credit card or any other documents of payment verification purposes.
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