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2017 was a year full of cancellations and reductions because of poor performance on mainland-china/poor Q1/2 showings/lack of deliveries(A333 replacing A332 fleet, 777 replacing returned aircraft+a332 lost). Perhaps, with the super strong Q3 and Q4 showings and the beginning of 787 deliveries, we will see new additions be added.

Another part of the reason why their were no routes was because of the fleet. The 777 cannot be sustained on many routes because of its rather high seat count(and large PE cabin)/not as fuel efficient and the A333 can't make it to places in Europe. The lack of a plane in between(787/A359) essentially left EVA with planes that could only be sent to existing destinations as additional frequencies(hence the failed SEA tack on, the adjustments of the LAX flight, new SFO flight, JFK morning flight, 777 to Ho Chi Minh CIty 2-3x a day, double daily 777 to SIN).

As stated above, the rumors milling around the company are Sydney, Hawaii, Auckland, and many more. Europe/Oceania is currently EVAs focus because of CI's strong Europe performance. They see it as another "N.A. to S.E.A" campaign for them. It was rumored last year that BCN, MAD, and MXP were all on EVA's target list because of visits by high level mgmt. Stockholm/Copenhagen could be another, EVA recently dispatched a team to Copenhagen and held a travel agents event there.

There is one new route next year that is confirmed, and that is TPE-VIE nonstop.

And instead of 1, EVA will be getting 2-4 789s next year, depending upon ALC slots!
Just curious -- Europe to SE Asia seems dominated by ME3, no? Does BR really expect to compete? TPE has geographical advantages from the US west coast, but definitely not Europe to SE Asia.

Also hard to imagine there is a market for these 2nd tier European cities when there isn't even daily TPE-London service.
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