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Originally Posted by PETERPNYC View Post

A day after I applied mid November I got an em to call in . I called in and they said they needed to verify my ID.
Since I am out of the country with my verifiable numbers on vacation suspend I asked how can we do that .

They said they would send me 4 digit code . I waited and called my home and no mail from CITI for 3 + weeks.
Finally spoke to like the 3rd SPVR Who told me they see I had and closed the card recently , and if they approved it
there would be no bonus attached .

I said its not that important I will apply again when I am back in the States.First time anyone mentioned bonus to me .
I guess the moral of the story is as always the less eyes looking at app, the better off we are .

FYI I applied using Firefox and a VPN.
thinking of applying again when 65 day rule has been observed .

Don't you think the "no bonus" comment is related to the opening or closing of a card within 24 months? She saw you recently closed a card and informed you of the restriction. That's how I'd take it, even though you were one step up from the front line CSRs. They don't necessarily know that there are apps that override that restriction. And, of course, we won't be mentioning it...
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