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A day after I applied mid November I got an em to call in . I called in and they said they needed to verify my ID.
Since I am out of the country with my verifiable numbers on vacation suspend I asked how can we do that .

They said they would send me 4 digit code . I waited and called my home and no mail from CITI for 3 + weeks.
Finally spoke to like the 3rd SPVR Who told me they see I had and closed the card recently , and if they approved it
there would be no bonus attached .

I said its not that important I will apply again when I am back in the States.First time anyone mentioned bonus to me .
I guess the moral of the story is as always the less eyes looking at app, the better off we are .

FYI I applied using Firefox and a VPN.
thinking of applying again when 65 day rule has been observed .
Do not listen to the Reps.I thought you know that. Most likely they do not know what they are talking about. I have been told several times by them that there will be no bonus but I asked them to proceed with the app that I still want the card and there was always the letter with bonus language and bonus posting at the end.
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