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I got auto-denied for the first time ever on a Citi card. I was using a family member's 9-digit mailer (expiration 10/15). It looks like they didn't even pull my credit report. This isn't exactly my first time going this route, so I'm curious if anybody sees a problem that I'm missing.

Mailers are still good 60 days past their stated expiration, right? 9 digit codes can still be used by people other than the one they're addressed to? I've got plenty of free credit with Citi, so that's not the problem. Not too many open cards with them, and not very many cards opened in the past 6 months overall. It's been over 2 months since my last Citi app of any kind.

I was thrown off by the rejection message, so I forgot to check the page source for an app ID before I closed it.

I'm going to call recon, and hope to be approved without any issues. I'm just curious if anybody else has run into anything like this recently. Hopefully not the start of a new trend.
Update: called recon, but a "final" decision had already been made. A letter is on its way, and they supposedly can't do anything until I've gotten it. I know I've seen that here before. I was able to get my app number, though, and it starts with 2017.
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