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Originally Posted by serfty View Post
While I am all for passenger rights and how eu261/2004 assists, I would suggest this may be incorrect.

5.1(a) points directly to Article 8.

5.1(c) points directly to Article 7 with as indicated none of the exclusions 5.1(c)(i)/(ii)/(iii) applying.

Compensation under Article 7 can be reduced by 50% by clause 7.2 - in this case 7.2 (c).

Article 7 does refer to Article 8 but only in relation to "an alternative flight".

The right to compensation is not pursuant to Article 8, it's pursuant to article 7.

In this case you are governed by Article 5, which does not go as far as 7.2 c, that only applies under article 8.

I think you may be following the logic of the CSA who has confused different parts of the regs to come up with a hybrid answer.
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