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Originally Posted by DCP2016 View Post
Unless you are 6'3+ and your legs are jammed into the back of the seat in front of you ...
I'm about that tall, have flown countless miles in economy, and generally I can find a way to make myself comfortable.
  • If I sit upright with my legs a bit apart, my knees won't butt up against the seat in front of me (even if it's reclined).
  • If I tuck my feet under the seat in front of me, I'm actually quite comfortable. Or,
  • if I slouch a bit and jut my legs straight out, they'll jam into the seatback, so when that person reclines I can holler OH GOD WHY ARE YOU RECLINING I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS YOU MONSTER!!!...
Sounds like the OP's buddy chose the last option. Point being even tall people can take responsibility for their own comfort, or not.
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