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Originally Posted by danbrew View Post
OP handled it well. Surprised the guy behind him didn't get kicked off the plane - he must have been slightly normal when talking to the FA. I was on a cross-country flight not too long ago that had a touch screen LCD panel in the seat back. I very briefly selected the screen to show the flight progress on the monitor. I swear, it was tap, tap, touch, push. The lady in front of me went bananas and started squawking that I was pushing on her seat. I apologized and then rolled my eyes at the guy sitting next to me. His mouth was literally hanging open. Then I just watched a movie on Netflix on my iPad.

Some people are crazy.
he was a normal guy probably mid 30’s. I’d estimate him to be 6’ tall. What is the seat pitch of 26A anyway? Non MCE seat—30”?

If he wanted more legroom he should have purchased a seat with that. I remember hearing him tell the poor guy next to him “well if I had a seat like that I wouldn’t be complaining!”

your lack of planning is not my concern. Sorry.
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