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Originally Posted by iahphx View Post
There are, obviously, a couple of problems with this. Is there enough data to know how "picky" Chase would be on reimbursement? Like I'd hate to run up a $150/night hotel tab (when I'd be using points or something if it were my own dime) and have a few nice restaurant meals, only to be denied the $500 per ticket from Chase.
I believe there is a thread somewhere in the Chase forum concerning the travel insurance. The only time I used it, I only claimed a $30 something dollar meal. EVA delayed a midnight departure time to 9am for mechanical issues last Feb. EVA put us up in a hotel near O'hare. I claimed $30 something in a meal. The only thing I remember is that meals over $50 required an itemized receipt.

I seem to remember there being language about not covering extravagant expenses, but maybe I'm thinking about something else. I'm guessing they might have denied me if I tried to claim a $250 surf and turf meal.

I know I'd burn through the $500 fast if I got stuck in Vegas for a weekend (unless it was in Dec or first weekend of January when the weekends are cheap).
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