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Originally Posted by rhwbullhead View Post
So far I've been lucky that I haven't had any irregular opps with Spirit or Frontier, and I've flown to Vegas like once a month with them and gone to other locations on the past year.

I've heard stories like this before, and often the worst ones are at international destinations where they don't have daily flights

I figure when it happens, at least I'll have the $500 from the CSR trip delay reimbursement, but that wouldn't last 8 days.
That's an interesting idea. I have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card. I see it also has that benefit:

So in my situation, as long as I wasn't in a rush to get home (I obviously couldn't wait 8 days, but it seems like that was just misinformation), I could have said: "Hmmm, New Orleans isn't a bad place to spend the weekend. I'll go have a good time and let Chase pick up the tab. Maybe they can get us home Sunday or Monday."

There are, obviously, a couple of problems with this. Is there enough data to know how "picky" Chase would be on reimbursement? Like I'd hate to run up a $150/night hotel tab (when I'd be using points or something if it were my own dime) and have a few nice restaurant meals, only to be denied the $500 per ticket from Chase.

Also, if I DID need to get home, there's nothing in the rules that suggests Chase would pick up the cost of a replacement ticket on another airline. Does anyone know if they would?

Still, if I buy any tickets on Frontier or Spirit this winter -- where the risk of irregular operations is obviously much higher than at other times of the year -- I know I'm going to be buying them with my Chase card!

Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
It's not just F9. Neither WN nor B6 (as to domestic carriers) interlines with others. Thus, in the event of a cancellation, you are entitled to a refund or to rebooking on the next available service. F9 is the worst of the three because it has the fewest frequencies on many routes.
Yeah, interlining agreements obviously help, but it's more than that. If I have a ticket on Southwest and there are irregular operations, I know they're not going to say "tough luck." They have the mindset and resources to help. Frontier (and, I would think, Spirit) really don't have the mentality that they need to help you. You're really mostly "on your own" to deal with the problem.
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