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Originally Posted by rsteinmetz70112 View Post
What was your origin?

What's weird is that I see Frontier is selling MSY-PHL tickets for next Wednesday (Dec. 13) for $20. If that's true, why did they only offer me the 18th? I assume that's what the computer assigned me, and the phone agent didn't bother to look.

The unfortunate thing about Frontier is that they're obviously doing everything on the cheap. So everything is done on a shoestring, including hiring competent staff. If flying wasn't so incredibly safe these days, I'm sure people would be worried to fly them because who wants to fly a shoestring airline. At least, from my experience, the pilots are professional. I think we can hope that the maintenance team is as well. The customer-fronting staff is apparently all hired for as little pay as possible, and given no discretion to help out their customers.
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