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Originally Posted by Lake_Hood View Post
Understood it is a part of air travel, but they did not handle the situation well (probably fair to say better than United...). The pilot taking her seat had a terrible attitude, and the flight attendants were not helpful. If you are going to remove someone from your seat after they have boarded, someone working the flight should notify you. Further, I get you want to treat your employees well, but I would bump your frequent flyers last. If its random, don't put them in the exit row, where elites are more likely to sit. At the end of the day, its overall not a huge deal, but it is annoying and Alaska will be receiving a complaint for how it was handled.
1. Note that I said it was part of NON-REV travel- meaning, not YOUR travel, but his. However, according to another poster, the pilots contract stipulates that they won't get stuck in middle seats. Many pilots I know wouldn't enforce this, but he clearly doesn't sound like a real nice guy, and he was technically completely within his rights/privileges to take the window.
2. BUMP is the wrong word. No one got BUMPED. She got RE-SEATED. That's a very significant difference, and if you're going to write a complaint, you need to keep your terms straight, or you'll be blown off.
3. Good. You should write a complaint. They handled this poorly. Not teeth-breaking poorly, but still poorly!
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